Inbal Dance Theatre

While the Fireflies Disappear

By Mor Shani

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In honor of Inbal Dance Theatre's 70th anniversary, Mor Shani and the ensemble created a dance-homage to its iconic founder, choreographer and Israel Prize winner, Sara Levi Tanai.

"While the Fireflies Disappear" is an attempt to reimagine Levi Tanai's work in a contemporary context where the local, the popular and the subtle are hurled together into the global unification melting pot. There, they all disappear in the rule of consumerism's glaring light.

It is the same actual light that makes the fireflies, along with their dim, intermittent glow, vanish from our cloned cities, "which is all but a metaphor for humanity per se, humanity reduced to its most basic virtue – the ability to show us the way in the dark." (taken from: Survival of the Fireflies, Georges Didi Huberman).

In this piece, Shani wishes to dance outside the company glorious past, while preserving the   gentle, flickering quality of Inbal Dance Theatre's vanishing dances - in order to find new possibilities of movement. A movement of signs rather than of miracles, of a humanity appalled by itself.

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Photo: Efrat Mazor